August 4, 2021

AUSTRALIA and WESTERN AFRICA have both been forced to postpone their first home games of the 2018 World Cup.

Key points:The World Cup qualifiers in Germany, Japan and Australia will be played on June 26 and 27, and the opening round of the competition will take place on July 6 and 7Both countries will then host two group stages on July 15 and 16The Netherlands, which beat Australia 2-1 in the opening game of the World Cup qualifying tournament, have been given until June 25 to make up a 20-man squad for the second round of World Cup qualification.

The Aussies will then play Japan on June 27 and 28 and Australia on July 4 and 5.

Both teams will play their second group stage games in Australia on June 18 and 19.

Australia have a bye in their group stage group, which is the second-tier of the two-legged competition.

Their group will be made up of a group of four teams, including the top-placed team from their group.

Group A has five sides: Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Group B has six sides: Italy, Belgium, Spain, France and the USA.

Group C has eight sides: France, Belgium.

Group D has nine sides: Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Germany and the UK.

Group E has 10 sides: Germany, Belgium and Portugal.

Group F has 11 sides: Spain, Portugal, Italy.

Group G has 12 sides: England, France.

Group H has 13 sides: Croatia, Italy as well as Portugal.GROUP I has 14 sides: Austria, Spain and Spain.

Group J has 15 sides: the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain as well.

Group K has 16 sides: Russia, England, Spain as a reserve team.

Group L has 17 sides: Holland, England and Portugal as reserve teams.

Group M has 18 sides: Denmark, France as a substitute.

Group N has 19 sides: Iceland, Spain.GROUP O has 20 sides: Serbia, Denmark, Portugal as a replacement.

Group P has 21 sides: Turkey, Belgium as a starter, Spain for a substitute, Greece and Portugal for the rest of the games.

Group Q has 22 sides: Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark and Italy as a first team reserve.

Group R has 23 sides: Finland, Spain (first-team), France (second-team) and England.

Group S has 24 sides: Hungary, Italy (first), Greece, Portugal (second) and Portugal (first).GROUP T has 25 sides: Slovenia, Germany (first) and Austria (second).

Group U has 26 sides: Poland, Denmark (first, second), Turkey, Italy for the first match, France for the next two games, Germany for the final two games.GROUP V has 27 sides: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Italy , Germany, Denmark for the reserve team, Belgium for the other reserve teams and Switzerland for the semi-final.

Group W has 28 sides: Slovakia, Italy with a substitute and Greece and Belgium for their reserve team and Austria for the remaining matches.

Group X has 29 sides: Sweden, Italy without a substitute , Germany and Denmark with a substitution, Portugal for a replacement and Greece for the last two matches.

The games in Germany are scheduled for June 26-27, but the final fixture will be on July 5 and 6.

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