August 19, 2021

Kentucky unemployment insurance eligibility varies by state.

If you’re unemployed in Kentucky, the state has a minimum of $7,500 per month to pay for insurance.

If your job doesn’t offer health benefits, your eligibility goes up to $16,000 per month.

If there’s no state minimum, your total monthly premium is $20,000.

Kentucky unemployment benefits for individuals are capped at $9,000, but you can receive up to five times that amount per month through an income-based subsidy.

If eligible for unemployment insurance in your state, you’ll need to apply for a premium waiver to receive the subsidy.

The cost to qualify is $15,000 in the state of Kentucky, but there are exemptions available if you work in an industry that is not included in the unemployment insurance program.

If unemployment insurance is available in your jurisdiction, you can apply for reimbursement through your employer or the state’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund.

To receive an unemployment benefit, you have to work full-time for six months, pay your premium and report to work every day.

Kentuckians with unemployment insurance can apply online at

You can also call the Office of Employment Security at 1-800-327-3275.