August 10, 2021

Zebra insurance for puppies and kittens starts from £4,000 and covers up to 20,000 kilometres, up from 10,000.

The policy will cover both the primary and secondary insurance, with a further 3,000km coverage for dogs and cats.

Zebra says it will continue to provide free travel for up to seven days, including in some European countries, and a 20 per cent discount on the cost of dog and cat food.

It says the new policy will also cover puppies up to eight weeks old.

Zebra’s policy covers pets from a breed limit of 1,000 to 2,500, with up to 3,500km coverage.

The company says it plans to start charging for its pet insurance on the day that its puppy insurance kicks into effect.

ZA3Pet, which also covers the cost for the first two years, will be the only UK-based insurance provider offering this.

The Zebra pet insurer says its pet policy is aimed at helping people with financial difficulties to help them meet their essential needs.

It says people can get the full coverage at no cost if they choose.

However, the policy does not cover medical expenses, so parents are advised to consider alternative coverage such as spay/neuter or rabies vaccinations.