October 22, 2021

By default, a pet insurance policy has a limited lifetime policy, meaning it can only cover a certain number of pets.

But the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released guidelines for pet owners to apply for a free pet insurance plan that’s “not limited to a limited number of cats.”

The policy is limited to the pet’s name, breed, size, and type of breed, but the policy is not limited to any specific breed.

The guidelines state that “it is not necessary to provide a breed identification card or other identifying information, such as a name, to be considered eligible for coverage,” and that “the pet insurance policies issued by pet insurance companies and pet health insurance policies should not be considered a substitute for health insurance coverage.”

The policy does allow for “limited liability,” which means a pet can only be insured for a certain amount of time, but it also has “limited lifetime coverage.”

In other words, the policy can only last a set period of time (meaning that if the pet dies, it’s not covered).

However, the guidelines state, “it would be possible for a pet to have a ‘lifetime’ policy with coverage up to a certain percentage of the pet population, which would not be available to the owner for any other reason.”

This policy also has a $1,000 deductible.

However, it does not require coverage, so there is no cost for the policy, and no deductible is included.

The policy only covers pets that are owned by a pet-friendly pet store, but pet insurance plans can be purchased online.

In addition, some insurance companies offer pet insurance products that include pet-related services, such in-home care, pet enrichment, or veterinary care.