July 9, 2021

Amazon plans to release a “low-cost health insurance plan” by mid-July, CEO Jeff Bezos said Tuesday.

The move follows a series of comments by Bezos, who has been touting Amazon’s health insurance plans as a possible game-changer in the U.S. health care industry.

The Amazon Health plan will be a one-time deal, Bezos said at a conference call with analysts.

The company is also working on its own low-cost plans.

Amazon’s announcement comes amid increasing concerns about the health care system’s sustainability.

The nation’s insurance companies are facing huge pressure to reduce the number of people without health coverage and the growing cost of medical treatments.

The health care debate has also become a flashpoint between Amazon and President Donald Trump, who frequently lambasts the tech company for failing to deliver on promises to create affordable health insurance for its employees.

“We have a big responsibility to keep the people that have helped build our company the health insurance they need, and they’re going to get that in the very near future,” Bezos said.

The announcement follows a string of recent comments by the president and other leaders in the tech industry.

Last week, Bezos, in a speech to the Wall Street Journal, vowed to invest $5 trillion in the United States, including $1 trillion in a tax credit for small businesses, $1.5 trillion to expand apprenticeships and $2 trillion to help companies create “new jobs.”

The president has also repeatedly accused Amazon of not doing enough to keep costs down, including a series, including one from last year, that accused Amazon CEO Jeff Wilkins of not creating enough affordable health care plans.