August 29, 2021

On February 24, a baby girl was pronounced dead in the city of Dushanbe, Azerbaijan.

The child had been in the care of a family friend and her mother was on vacation in the country.

The girl had been under the care and protection of her grandmother and had been adopted by her family when the girl was born.

The grandmother had taken the girl to a dog hospital for an exam and was said to have given the dog some medication, as well as a small amount of food and water, which may have contributed to the death.

According to the local newspaper Dzerzhinskyy Zhurnal, the girl’s grandmother told investigators that the infant died due to severe dehydration.

According the Dzerkhinskyy, the baby was a puppy and had received a vaccination.

She had a very large head and was about four years old.

The family of the girl reportedly told police that the girl had a slight heart murmur but was otherwise healthy.

The baby was hospitalized in the hospital and was taken to the hospital for a medical checkup.

According to the report, the autopsy results revealed a cardiac arrest and death.

The investigation revealed that the baby had died from complications due to dehydration and hyponatremia, the condition in which the body produces no blood.

The Dzershinskyy reported that the grandmother told the police that she had given the baby a dose of medication.

According this report, there is no medical evidence of foul play, as the girl is believed to have died of dehydration.

The parents of the baby have reportedly asked the authorities to investigate the circumstances surrounding the child’s death.

According the Dverkhinskyys report, officials from the local animal rescue group had visited the family and assisted them in collecting evidence.

A total of 12 dogs have died in Azerbaijan in the last year, according to the animal rescue organization.

The number of dogs that have died at the hands of humans is much higher.

In December 2017, an 11-month-old boy died in the northern city of Kars, Azerbaijan, after being abused by a group of men.

The boy was also being cared for by a family member and had suffered from anorexia.

A police investigation into the incident has not yet been completed.