July 10, 2021

The U.S. government is investigating whether German insurer Aetna is misleading consumers by making false claims about how much it will cover for dental coverage and whether they can get a full-ride discount on their car insurance.

In the case of auto insurance companies that have already been fined for the deceptive practices, the Department of Justice said in a press release Friday that the agency is investigating Aetanas conduct.

“This investigation was prompted by an allegation of a fraudulent misrepresentation of the amount of coverage Aetnas coverage would provide to consumers,” said U.K. Attorney-General Jeremy Wright.

“The investigation is continuing, and it will take a thorough look at the company’s conduct.”

The news of the DOJ probe comes just one day after Aetana announced that it had suspended a program in Germany for three months after being fined for misleading consumers about the level of dental coverage it would provide.

Aetna said the suspension of the dental insurance program was related to an internal investigation.

The DOJ’s press release also said that it is conducting a review of Aetannas business practices in the United States.

Aetannias decision to suspend the dental coverage program follows a report by Reuters last week that revealed Aetananas plans to make changes to the way it sells dental coverage in the U.E. It’s unclear what the changes are.

A senior Aetnanas executive told Reuters that the company will make “significant” changes to its business model, including “changing the number of dental providers in the marketplace, which is a cost-saving measure that will help the company generate revenue.”