July 2, 2021

The state’s new insurance laws will expand coverage to more than 100,000 drivers who rely on auto insurance to cover the cost of their vehicles, the Associated Press reported Friday.

State Rep. Steve Goss, a Republican who represents the area, announced the expansion of the state’s insurance marketplace during a press conference on Thursday.

Goss said drivers can purchase additional auto insurance policies through the state insurance exchange at no cost to them.

He said the policy will be available for drivers who earn $35,000 or less, but only for those with a credit card.

The insurance will be offered to those who own a car, trailer, van or SUV, he said.

Gosselin, a member of the House Insurance and Public Safety Committee, said the expanded coverage will help drivers avoid costly and potentially life-threatening accidents.

Gorski said drivers will be able to purchase auto insurance on the Arizona Insurance Exchange as soon as they are eligible.GOSSLIN: Insurance carriers need to be more efficient.

Thats what the Affordable Care Act is about, he added.GOSS: The goal is to ensure that all drivers are covered by the same insurance, even if they don’t drive for an insurance company.

Thats exactly what we are trying to do here in Arizona.

GOSSLI: So how will that be different from other states?GOSELIN: You will get coverage, even for drivers that aren’t actually driving.

You will not have to purchase insurance.

GOSS: Will there be a limit on the coverage?

Goselin said that’s something that needs to be determined by the state, and the state is currently working on it.

The state has a goal of having the coverage at 100,00 drivers and then the plan will evolve and expand.