September 6, 2021

The UK Government is proposing to reduce the total amount of national general legal insurance (NGLI) in the country by £200m by 2020, with the aim of ensuring that people who are injured or killed on the job are not personally liable for damages and are protected by an employer-sponsored insurance scheme.

The Government’s plan comes in the wake of a series of incidents where people have been injured while on duty, including the death of a man in a fire at a construction site.

In the UK, the government estimates that up to 3,000 people are injured every year in accidents.

Under the plan, the National Health Service (NHS) will be responsible for the costs of NGLI for workers in the private sector.

In a submission to the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), the Department of Health said the scheme would “help the UK’s injured and injured with no financial cost to the taxpayer”.

It will also help reduce the amount of insurance claims that have been brought to the UK Government’s attention by injured people, and reduce the number of claimants that are sent back to work, it said.

“The Government’s proposals will reduce the cost of providing NGLIs to the NHS, and will ensure that NGLAs are more accessible and affordable for workers,” the Department said.

It also said the plan would provide certainty for the financial stability of the health service, as “numbers of injured workers and injured workers are likely to continue to be brought back to the job site.”

The plan will see the government increase the amount payable to employers for NGLs to around £1,000,000 a year.

The PBO said it expected the scheme to be in place by the end of 2020.

“We have identified the types of employers that we expect to pay this amount,” the PBO wrote in its submission.

“This could include employers that have paid in advance, as well as the small number of employers in which workers are paid directly.”

This arrangement would provide a ‘safety net’ to ensure that no worker is personally liable in case of an accident.

In this scenario, the employer would have paid the full amount of the compensation to the injured worker, and the worker would have received no compensation from the employer.

“They will also make a number at the national level more transparent, including making the NIPs more widely available to all members of the public, and making it easier for people to request NGLEs.””

These proposals will also see a number of other changes to the NIPS, including new rules and guidance, including introducing a cap on NIPS contributions, as we work to ensure it remains affordable for working people and businesses,” the submission read.

“They will also make a number at the national level more transparent, including making the NIPs more widely available to all members of the public, and making it easier for people to request NGLEs.”

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