July 17, 2021

President Donald Trump on Tuesday called for expanded affordable car coverage for individuals with pre, post and active conditions.

Trump’s plan to make it easier for Americans with pre or post-existing health conditions to get car insurance would expand insurance options to cover individuals with conditions like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and other chronic conditions.

The president also wants to give states more flexibility in setting their premiums, and he wants to allow states to set rates on plans they already offer, a key element of Trump’s plan.

Trump told reporters in the White House Rose Garden that he wants states to have more leeway to set premiums.

He also said he wants insurance companies to offer more affordable health plans.

Trump also wants people with a pre-condition, or pre-insurance condition, to be able to stay on their current plan until they have a doctor’s appointment.

The plan would expand coverage for pre- and post-insurers with preexisting conditions under the Affordable Care Act, which President Barack Obama signed into law in 2010.

Under Trump’s plans, people with existing conditions would be eligible for an additional year of coverage.

In addition to the pre-containment requirement, Trump also has proposed a ban on certain pre-conditions that would prevent people with certain prerequisites from buying insurance.

Pre-conditional coverage would not be available in all states, but Trump said he was open to expanding it in some states.

A new rule that would require insurance companies that offer coverage to cover pre-existing conditions could be included in the GOP-led health care bill.

The House Republican plan would require insurers that sell health plans on the federal exchange to cover people with chronic conditions that have not been diagnosed and treated.

Trump said he would let states set their own rates and also allow states that do not set their rates to set theirs.

Trump has previously said states could set their premiums.