July 16, 2021

The Trump administration on Monday delayed its decision to extend unemployment insurance benefits for the last three months of 2017 and beyond, instead putting the decision on hold for two weeks.

The decision to delay the benefits for three months came after a hearing in a case brought by the Department of Labor against auto owners who claim unemployment insurance.

It will now be up to the Department to decide whether to extend benefits beyond the three-month window set by the court.

Trump’s administration had argued that extending the benefits should not be delayed until the Department could determine whether the state unemployment insurance rolls are up to date.

The Department of Employment Security has previously determined that unemployment insurance has a limited role in helping people find work, and has indicated that its goal is to provide a robust coverage program for all eligible jobless workers in the states.

Trump administration officials have said that they will not make any decisions on extending unemployment benefits until a final court ruling in the case is issued.