September 10, 2021

California will increase its pet insurance coverage next year, the state’s Insurance Department announced Thursday.

Pet insurance companies have raised their coverage requirements for dogs and cats in California since last year, and now the state is also considering raising the maximum amount of coverage for a dog or cat from $10,000 to $20,000.

Pet owners must pay the higher coverage price for each pet, but there is no cap on the amount that a person or household can buy.

The Department of Insurance announced that the state will now be looking for new ways to cover pet owners.

The increase in coverage will cost the state about $1.1 billion.

It will also increase the maximum allowable number of pets to four.

The state is working on increasing the maximum allowed from two to four pets.

The department also said it is considering increasing the state minimum pet insurance rates, which will rise from $4,000 for one dog and $6,000 per cat to $6.50 per pet and $8,000 respectively.

Pet care products will be exempt from the increases in coverage and will continue to be free to owners.

The new requirements come as California has seen a spike in dog bites, with the number of dog bites in California rising nearly 50 percent since last summer.

Dog bites accounted for almost one-third of the more than 1,200 dog attacks in the state last year.

In 2017, the California Department of Public Health reported a 44 percent increase in the number and severity of dog attacks.

The increase in dog bite numbers has also resulted in an uptick in the cost of pet insurance in the Golden State.