August 3, 2021

New Zealand’s pet insurance coverage will increase by 2.5% this year, a spokeswoman for the Government says.

Ernie’s Insurance has now been able to cover up to 10% of the costs of pet insurance claims for New Zealander pets, while pet insurance covers up to 20% of claims for non-human pets.

The new rate covers the first three months of coverage for all dogs and cats in New Zealand, including the cost of spay and neuter surgeries and veterinary care.

The insurance company says it expects a small number of pets to experience delays in getting insured because of the new rules.

“New Zealanders have long been used to having their pets covered through the insurance they buy with their income, so we hope to encourage them to get on the road to greater coverage,” the spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman said the changes are aimed at preventing more than 5,000 pets from getting denied coverage because of financial issues.

New Zealand will also no longer have a single pet insurance provider, as it does now.

This will mean that people will now have to shop for pet insurance through their own pet insurance company, the spokeswoman added.

New Zealand’s Pet Insurance Coverage 2018-19 – A to Z Auckland’s Ernie’s Insurer covers up of 20% for all domestic and feral pets in New England, as well as domestic cats and dogs.

The New Zealand Government has also said that a new Pet Insurance Benefit will be introduced next year to help offset the cost to the public of veterinary care for pets.

A new Pet Coverage Benefit is due to come into effect on January 1, 2020.

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