September 24, 2021

NEW JERSEY (AP) New Jersey is poised to allow insurance policies for small businesses covering employees with medical conditions, a policy move that’s a boon to the state’s economy.

Under the state law, health insurers can offer coverage to individuals for employees who qualify under the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate.

The law also requires insurance plans sold on the health insurance exchanges to cover employees for whom insurance is available through employers.

Under state law and the ACA, the health insurers that offer health coverage for employees must cover employees with conditions that the insurer can’t cover.

New Jersey already allows insurance policies to cover some conditions.

Under the ACA’s employer mandate, health plans must cover workers with preexisting conditions.

The state law requires the employers to pay premiums to the health plan and must provide coverage to employees and their dependents.

The state law says insurance plans must also pay the state a fee to cover costs associated with the coverage.

The law also allows employers to use state-provided subsidies to help cover the cost of covering their employees with preeexisting conditions who have not had health coverage from their employers for at least three years.

The health plan must cover all workers who qualify.

The bill would allow insurance companies to sell policies to workers with pre-existing conditions, but only for small-business plans and for health plans that cover individuals with pre -existing conditions.