July 28, 2021

An accused in a fatal crash on the eastern coast of India on Friday has been arrested, police said.

According to the Srinagar district police, Abdul Basit, 25, was driving a truck on the road near the village of Alkhalpur when he hit a truck carrying a woman.

He was arrested on Saturday.

The woman, identified as Raghav, died on the spot.

Her husband, who is an inspector of the police, said he had seen the truck at a traffic light and decided to follow it, and stopped to check it.

“I saw a man inside the truck and I thought he was a police officer,” he said.

“He was talking to the truck driver.

I asked him, ‘Who are you?’ and he told me he was the driver.”

Police said the woman had been travelling with a baby in her car.

“It was a dark, heavy rain.

I could hear her screaming in pain and then I saw her in the ambulance,” said a witness, who did not want to be named.

The victim was admitted to hospital in a critical condition and died on Saturday night.

Police said Basit had been charged with culpable homicide, and could be tried in a court in the district.

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