August 18, 2021

The Trump administration has a new strategy to boost the health care of the elderly, with subsidies to help them buy insurance through private insurers.

The plan would let those who don’t qualify for Medicare to buy insurance on the individual market, where they would receive subsidies from the federal government.

They would also have access to health care from state Medicaid programs, which the Obama administration has struggled to find funding for.

The Trump administration says the subsidies will provide the same level of coverage for people who don, as well as those who do qualify.

It is unclear how many people would qualify, but the administration says about 30 million people would be eligible.

Health experts say the plan could help people who have trouble getting coverage on their own because of their medical conditions or who are older.

But they warn that it would not address the problem of over-medicalization.

The president has promised to improve health care coverage for the poor and disabled, but has faced criticism for the way he has implemented the changes.

The health care overhaul will not end chronic disease and disability, but instead will create a healthier future for everyone.

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