August 24, 2021

HONOLULU (AP) The Trump administration has issued a list of new consumer protections, including protections for farmers insurance and for home insurance.

The list includes a provision that allows homeowners to opt out of paying for medical insurance.

The Agriculture Department’s Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Rural Affairs (ARFA) agency says the Farm Bill has a $3.2 trillion price tag and it’s critical to ensure the federal government maintains a stable farm and ranching industry that’s healthy for workers, the environment and farmers.

The administration also announced that it will make changes to the way farmers receive health insurance coverage, including expanding eligibility for reinsurance and reinsurance options for farmers.

It’s also creating a National Health Savings Accounts for farmers who need it, ARFA says.

The plan allows the government to create a new savings account for farmers and ranchers and also provides incentives to save for long-term care.

The agency says it expects to release the final version of the Farm bill in the coming months.