July 5, 2021

In 2019, Michigan will be facing a significant change to the insurance industry, which will have serious implications for the pet insurance industry.

Many of the insurance companies in the state will be consolidating and many of them are leaving the state.

These are major changes that will affect the coverage available for pet owners.

The new state will have the opportunity to decide what to do with the insurance policies that currently cover pets and will also be able to choose to continue to offer a limited amount of coverage for other pets, including chickens, horses, and other domestic pets.

It will be important to look at what coverage you have for your pets in the future.

What is the new insurance policy in 2019 and what is the coverage for pets?

In 2019, the Michigan Department of Insurance will require the insurance company to include coverage for dogs, cats, and small animals in all of the policies that it issues, and that includes the coverage of dogs, dogs, and cats.

The state will no longer be able provide dog insurance coverage as well as cat and small animal insurance.

That is, Michigan no longer will be able cover the cats and small dogs.

This is a major change that will impact the coverage that pet owners can receive for their pets in 2019.

What is the difference between cat and dog insurance?

The policy covers the pets as long as the pet has health coverage, but the cost of the coverage will vary depending on the type of coverage.

Cat and dog policies generally are considered to be the most comprehensive pet insurance policies, but there are also a few different types of coverage available.

For instance, cats and dogs are covered by the same coverage in many states, but some states have a policy that covers cats and a different coverage for the dogs.

The state will determine which policy covers which pet and the cost to pay will depend on the size of the policy.

In 2019 the Michigan Insurance Commissioner will begin working with a number of insurance companies to determine which type of policy will be the best option for pet insurance.

For more information about pet insurance and how to compare pet insurance options in the Michigan market, visit www.


For more coverage, visit MichiganInsuranceCareers.com.

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