September 24, 2021

A Canadian car auction that sold for more than $1 million was sold with only one person in attendance, according to an investigation by CBC News.

The auction was conducted on Dec. 18, 2017 in Mississauga, Ont., according to the online auction site.

The car was sold at auction house The Cars of Mississauga by a group called “The Car Club” that works with families who are struggling to afford to buy a car.

It’s unclear if the car had a buyer or whether someone took it off the auction house’s hands.

The group said in a statement that it was unaware of the car’s whereabouts.

“We can confirm that no one attended the auction,” the statement said.

“This was a unique auction where only one participant attended.”

The auction house said the car was purchased at auction by an individual and it is unclear if that individual was the person who had been selling the car at the time.

“The car is in excellent condition, but the seller has requested the seller contact the buyer directly to arrange the resale,” the auctioneers said in the statement.

A spokesperson for the auction houses website said the vehicle was not sold and the seller had not been contacted.

The buyer of the vehicle did not immediately respond to CBC News’ requests for comment.

The Canadian Auto Buyers Association said it was deeply saddened by the loss.

“Auctions are a wonderful way to support local businesses and individuals in the GTA,” said CEO Michael McQuillan.

“These events provide an opportunity to sell a vehicle for a relatively small amount of money, which in turn allows local businesses to expand their inventory, and help make a positive impact on our community.”

The car auction is the second time that a Mississauga car has sold for $1.5 million or more.

In January, a car was auctioned off for $5,000.

The sale was made at a Mississantou, Ont.-based auction house.

A few months ago, an Audi A6 was auctionred for $2.7 million.

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