August 11, 2021

Farmers Insurance, the insurance company owned by the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFB), is launching a new insurance product to help farmers.

The new product, Farmers Insurance PLUS, will offer farmers a more flexible policy with lower deductibles and no out-of-pocket limits.

The product will be offered in three levels of coverage.

Farmers Insurance Plus will be available to all Farmers Insurance customers and offers Farmers Insurance products to small and midsize farmers.

For example, Farmers insurance will be sold in the first tier of Farmers insurance, Farmers Premium, Farmers and Farmers Premium.

Farmers insurance also offers Farmers Premium to farmers with no prior farm insurance coverage, Farmers Preferred, Farmers Health Premium and Farmers Business Insurance.

The Farmers Insurance Premium will be the highest level of coverage, and it will be purchased by a farmer with no farm insurance.

The company says Farmers Insurance will provide farmers with a more reliable and affordable source of insurance for farmers with low-income and moderate-income farmers.

Farmers insure more than 3 million farmers and 1.5 million other businesses.

The plan will be a first for Farmers insurance.

Farmers will begin rolling out Farmers Insurance in early January.

The firm is expected to have a market launch for Farmers Insurance within the next couple of weeks. 

According to the firm, the new plan will help farmers get the most out of their policies, as well as make sure that farmers who may need supplemental coverage through the end of 2019 have access to the best insurance available. 

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