August 17, 2021

Encompassing Farm Bureau insurance policies from Farmers Insurance to Encompassed Insurance Company, the two firms have launched a new product, a Farm Bureau Encompasse, which will be available to all farmers on a 1:1 basis.

The product will be offered for farmers in the contiguous United States.

Encompasse will allow for more flexibility and a lower rate.

The Encompase offers farmers the ability to cover their farm while protecting themselves from losses related to natural disasters and economic downturns. 

The Farm Bureau is an insurance company that provides insurance to farmers in both the rural and urban markets. 

“Encompasses are the next generation of insurance solutions for the farmer.

This is the perfect insurance solution to help farmers and ranchers stay afloat during the next economic downturn, or a natural disaster,” said Brian M. Smith, CEO of GEICO. 

For more information on Encompases, visit GEICO website.